Grappa di Prosecco Barrique Bandarossa Bortolomiol

Grappa di Prosecco Barrique Bandarossa Bortolomiol

Bandarossa Grappa Barrique is the perfect synthesis of innovation, quality and passion. It’s secret lies in the careful blending of Grappa produced from a vacuum distillation still with Grappa slowly distilled in a copper alembic still heated using a bainmarie, a process which preserves its fragrance and produces a soft Grappa. After the pomace has been distilled the Grappa is kept for at least 18 months in small cherry or oak barrels where it slowly ages taking on its full colour, fragrance and flavour. During this time it becomes soft and rounded in taste making it more gentle and complete while the fragrance slowly turns into a complex and harmonious bouquet.

Origin: Italy
Alcohol content: 40%
Grapes: Prosecco
Product Code: 0700109
Case size: 1 x 50cl

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