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Negroni Kit from Marzadro

Negroni Kit from Marzadro

Amaro Marzadro 30%
A selection of plants and herbs are picked by hand and then undergo cold maceration for a period ranging from 20 – 30 days. Its red colour is caused by rhubarb, which gives the liqueur a taste that is bitter and cool at the same time

Luz Gin 45%
Made by 9 botanical species, all from Trentino left to infuse separately and subsequently distilled in a 1000 litre discontinuous alembic still

Vermut Altolago 16%
A selection of ripened grapes for red and rose wines, flavoured through processing at cold temperatures. This product is both complex and elegant, to be consumed on its own and mixed with other drinks

Origin: Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
Alcohol content: 30%, 45% 16%
Product Code: 0828039
Case size: 3 x 20cl, 2 x glasses and 1 x decanter

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