Puglia (or Apulia) is often known as the “heel” of Italy. It is a spectacularly fertile peninsula, excellent for growing grapes. The signature indigenous grapes of the region are the fruity red Negroamaro and spicy Primitivo which with modern vinification techniques now make very soft, almost New World style wines, immensely drinkable and great value. In the UK, Puglia has come from nowhere 20 years ago to being one of the key regions for warm southern wines, able to compete with Australia and California

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Run by the Maci family, the winery has been awarded the Cangrande medal at Vinitaly on three occasions for making the wines of Puglia better known and more relevant to modern tastes. Most recently, in April 2014, they were awarded the Special Grand Vinitaly Award for the Best Italian winery. Specialising in Negoramaros and Primitivos, Due Palme is now one of the largest producers in the region. 90% of the production is red wines and some Chardonnay is also produced.


Located in Surani in Manduria since 2001, this winery represents a return to the Pasqua family’s roots in Puglia. The local grape varieties of Fiano and Primitivo are the focus and the vineyards are planted using a modern high density espalier system to ensure low yields and great concentration. The winemaking at Surani is very modern in that the latest materials and techniques are used to extract the most fruit and character from the grapes.


Tombacco has been a family business for generations. It is the archetypal bottler and blender sourcing wines from all over the Veneto region and indeed most of Italy. Apart from the classic Veronese wines and excellent Pinot Grigio, owner Cristian Tombacco also sources a great Falanghina IGT Beneventano under the Piantaferro label.


Founded by Italo Zingarelli, the filmmaker of the “spaghetti” westerns, Rocca delle Macie is a young, dynamic winery with a highly regarded reputation at the heart of the Chianti Classico zone. The straight forward Chianti Classico through to the single vineyard Riservas and Supertuscans are produced from their own grapes. The Chianti Classico Riserva 2009 currently has Tre Bicchieri in the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide.

Teanum was born in 2000 in San Paolo di Civitate, in the province of Foggia. The project was to revalue a historic cellar from the 70s, dedicated solely to the production of bulk wine. Guided by the ambition to make our products recognisable, we decided to invest in bottling and in the purchase of a second cellar, located in the Predicatella district of San Severo. The goal was to develop a characterising brand identity, in which the link with the history of our territory was evident both in the logo and through the story of our products. Today Teanum wines are present in most of the most important markets in the sector, with an annual production of 1.5 million bottles.

Cantina Tollo was founded in 1960. Today, it is one of the most important and established businesses in the Italian winemaking industry, with a presence in most major countires where it exports 35% of its production.